Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Existentialism, Mindfulness, Poetry, and Phenomenology

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Today I listened to Tolle Eckhart discuss object consciousness and manifestations vs. space consciousness and non-manifestations. The ideas took me into my past and present.

I am discovering that my past reading of Greek and Roman plays along with Jean Paul Sartre, Camus, and Ayne Rand at the age of 16 has left its marks. My background in reading, drawing, writing poetry, and in studying literature as an undergraduate student seems to align with my interest in existentialism and phenomenology.

Phenomenology deals with the phenomenon of being. I have been consciously learning about myself as a living phenomenon since the age of 4. I have always been fascinated by perception and reality: Is what I perceive as real, real? In addition, I have spent hours thinking about the value of thinking about reality. In other words, what is the point of thinking about something I will never know? And yet, existentialism, mindfulness meditation practice, and phenomenology seem to appeal to my sense of being.

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