Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blended Learning Instructors in Higher Education

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I have two more courses to complete in educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction doctoral program at the University of Phoenix online before receiving an ABD status (April 2009). I am a Canadian residing abroad. My dissertation research is on instructor use of blended learning in higher education around the world. I cannot find an appropriate arena for my research. I have tried contacting instructors for almost 2 years in higher education in my country of residence but have not received any positive responses. I guess the only solution is to conduct my research in another country.

Are instructors in higher education not using technology? Or are instructors afraid of being interviewed about using technology? Is this a common occurrence in other countries? If so, where? I am perplexed by the situation. I would love to hear from instructors in other countries who use blended learning to gain an understanding of some of the issues they face in using technology for instruction and learning.

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